Consultation with Residents

When forming the Neighbourhood Plan, it is vital that there is an inclusive process taking account of feedback from all of those who reside or have a business within the Parish. Three questionnaires have been issued to all residents to date and others will follow. A summary of the key factors that arose from these recent questionnaires are detailed below:

March 2021 Questionnaire

This brief survey to determine the level of support for a Neighbourhood Plan resulted in 223 responses with 220 returns in favour of producing a Neighbourhood Plan and 3 opposed. On the basis of these responses, the Parish Council decided to proceed with the preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan and obtained the formal designation for this from Sevenoaks District Council. Grant funding has been secured for consultants work, leaflets and other costs, and the Parish Council will cover any remaining costs in the preparation of the Plan.

October 2021 Questionnaire

A questionnaire was delivered to all residents of Hartley seeking views and opinions on six subject matters. A total of 286 responses were received, equating to an 11.5% return on the 2,500 questionnaires delivered. A summary of the responses can be seen by clicking on the link below.

Consultation October 2021

October 2023 Questionnaire

Approximately 2,500 questionnaires were issued to residents of Hartley in October 2023, with a final closing date agreed of 31st December 2023. A total of 559 responses were received, 331 of which were completed electronically and 228 via paper returns. A summary of the responses can be seen by clicking on the link below:

Consultation October 2023


These responses are being reviewed in order to ensure that appropriate policies are included in the Neighbourhood Plan. More detail on the structure of these policies will be added to this website as they are drafted.

It should be noted that some areas where concerns have been raised (e.g. bus service, health service and traffic) cannot be included as the Neighbourhood Plan relates only to the use and development of land and addressing planning policies. However the Parish Council will continue to take these issues forward with the relevant parties and any requirements for additional infrastructure can be addressed within the Neighbourhood Plan.

The Steering Group will continue to provide the opportunity for further resident and business feedback through future consultation processes.

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